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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 19, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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new comes out. yesterday, the revelation as but just how much mrs. irwin said she had been drinking on that night. blacking out from all that boxed wine. >> the family has hired the high powered new york attorney the same guy that represent ra sent the suspect in the natalie holloway case. on "good morning america," said he wouldn't have taken the case. shifting gears now there are more disturbing details right now about the captivity case in philadelphia. now it appears that police may have dropped the ball looking for at least one of the victims, herbert knolls, reported missing in norfolk, virginia in 2008. knolls' benefits checks were going to a philadelphia address but when police went to the address they were told knolls didn't live there. he was later found there last week, chained to a boiler. the listeria outbreak that triggered a major cantaloupe recall is now being blamed for 25 deaths in a dozen states.
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about 100 others have been sickened. the cdc says that number could still get higher. all of the tainted colorado cantaloupes should be off the shelves by now. but listeria sim tomentz could take up to months to appear. not a shocker here -- the post office announced its latest rate increase and it will cost you a penny more to mail a letter. first-class stamps going up to 45 cents. the first hike since may of '09. postcard international mail rates taking a hike. the increases expected to put a small dent in the multibillion dollar fiscal losses for the post office. the new rates will go into effect starting january 22nd. millions of american whose count on social security benefits will see a little more in their checks come january. the increase will be about $38 on average every month which may not sound like much, but according to a new study, social security, is the only thing keeping many newly retired americans out of poverty. >> the great recession had a
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profound impact on older adults. many have lost employment and wealth, and have little time, come paurd to younger counterparts to make up the difference. >> my husband was laid off two years ago. that will help. >> monthly social security payments average $13,000 a year. a 3.5% increase would amount to an additional $455 a year. the republican presidential debate in las vegas last night got pretty heated. candidates clashed over a number of issues -- immigration, the economy and health care. it got personal between rick perry and mitt romney. here is a recap in 60 seconds. >> what happens in vegas doesn't stay in vegas. >> 84% of americans are paying more taxes under his plan. >> that simply is not true. do your own calculations. >> are you saying the state sales tax will also go away. >> you are mixing apples and oranges. i want to reduce taxes on middle-income families.
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>> every american should pay something even if it is $1. >> those poem that hire illegals ought to be penalized. you hired illegals in your home. >> i don't think i ever hired an illegal in my life. >> obama-care must be repealed. it is a disaster. >> what you did is exactly what barack obama dichltd. >> something crafted for a state. i said time and again, obama-care is bad news. you have a problem with allowing someone to finish speaking. i suggest if you want to become president of the united states. let both people speak. first let me speak. >> lot of fighting words there. >> really, the reason that perry and romney went at it last night because of the issue of immigration. a story in the "boston globe," they exposed in 2006, some out we fired the foud how long it took them to do so. that's what perry call out swinging.
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>> it is very tough. mr. romney did say he hired a company that contracted illegals. not as the he want out and hired those people himself. still this did happen twice in a row. and, some people are going to have problems with that. >> indeed. immigration a hot issue in this election. we will see how it plays out. interesting night. >> staying on politics. president obama is pushing his jobs bill in hampton, virginia appearing with republican governor bob mcconnell, a frequent critic of his administration. the president was looking more as a candidate as his bus tour snaked through the south. in an exclusive interview with abc's jake tapper, the president said the republican candidates are offering nothing new. and he bashed herman cain's 9-9-9 plan. >> one of the things i am most surprise add but they want to roll back all the wall street reforms we put into place as if they have got amnesia about how we got into this problem in the first place. >> the president also said republicans are adopting a no we can't approach to the jobs
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crisis. >> to borrow george w. bush phrase, there is fuzzy math about 9-9-9. a washington think-tank looked at it closely and it would amount to a tax increase for 84% of american households. something cain denies. >> on the sur fates does sound good, just 9%. >> sounds, exactly. a look now at your forecast, everybody. a soaking wet day in the northeast. with up to 3 inches of rain in boston, new york, philly, d.c. thunderstorms in the carolinas. lingering showers from jacksonville, miami. light rain from detroit to nashville. lake effect snow showers for michigan's upper peninsula. >> 66, new york. 57, atlanta. 87, miami. 50s, kansas city to indianapolis. 44 in fargo. mostly 60s from seattle all the way to albuquerque. >> all right. we have arrived at that moment of the morning. time for our, ready for this our "favorite story of the day." >> something of a history lesson. it was on this day in 1959 that
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the disco ball, right on cue was invented to mark this occasion. obviously we have our own little disco ball right here. >> right. it all started in a dance hall in germany. usual band couldn't play for whatever reason. so some dude took over the record player and well, that's when the movement got under way. >> and it really grew or degenerated depending on your view of this genre, bee-ge e's, saturday night fever, studio 54. plenty of sex, drugs. >> rock 'n' roll. family fun. >> what do you thing of disco? >> great dance music. put you in the mood. disco ball. music. what's not to love? are you a disco fan? >> i am. i look to get out and shake and grift. >> and you feel like dancing, moves on national tv. >> i let you take the lead. >> turn up the music though. turn it up unmy ear. >> to do this. >> here we go. >> going to break it down for me.
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now. >> we got to -- ♪ >> whoa. ♪ night fever
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>> announcer: call diabetes care club at the number on your screen. >> talk to diabetes care club. you'll be glad you did. it has been a very scary week for disney star, selena gomez, faced serious death threats. >> a judge granted a temporary restraininged orrer against the suspect. and i found out he actually had a criminal past. she is the disney teen queen with a hit show, chart topping singles and a romance with justin bieber. now selena gomez says she is living in extreme fear after receiving a death threat so serious los angeles police are involved. a man with a history of mental illness allegedly stalked her at work, traveling from chicago to los angeles to meet her. visiting her work place at least
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three times and threatening her life. according to legal documents. 46-year-old told a psychiatrist he had conversations with god and entertained thoughts of killing ms. gomez. he made the revelation while being held for psych at rick observation after threatening people on the street, telling them, he would scratch their eyes out. >> when you have mentally unstable individuals make disclosures to psychiatrists that they want to murder an individual you have to take that seriously. >> reporter: the man has a history of stalking women, sentenced to three years in prison for cyberstalking a woman. police say he was infatuated with and pursued for eight years. a judge has impose aid temperaturerestrain -- temporary restraining order in the selena gomez case. that order could be extended to last three years in a hearing set for next month.
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gomez joins a string of other high profile stars like halle berry and paris hilton who have endured stalking nightmares. >> he now has to be security conscious for the foreseeable future. she cannot be protected by lapd around the clock so she may have to hire her own security. >> obviously they are take the threat very seriously. gomez has been exposed to threats like this in the past. not so seriously. first started dating justin besh. people started writing her hate mail. a lot of jealous fans. this much more serious. >> more proof about the downside of fame. hope everything works out all right. we'll be back with more right after this.
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>> nintendo taking me way back. >> nintendo.
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>> growing up our toys, we didn't care if they were care bears or g.i. joe were lost or arm disappeared. >> if we only knew then what we know now, the toys could be worth a fortune these days. >> reporter: the super sweet. >> strawberry shortcake happy home with furniture. >> reporter: snuggly soft. >> i love you. >> reporter: and shockingly strong. >> g.i. joe. great american hero. >> reporter: cartoon characters of the 1980s fall in line after line of successful toys kids of all ages and collector whose will pay top dollar to capture their childhood. >> they want to get the warm fuzzy feeling. >> reporter: like jeff jacob and his family. jeff's collection is worth $800 t what if your '80s toy collection is more modest like jason duval's. what's classified as toy gold? and which toys have lost their luster?
2:50 am
to find out, we visit jordan hembr out. gh, vintage toy and memorabilia dealer. he says boys toys are where it is at. >> if you have vintage star wars from the 70s and 80s. now is the time to sell. >> take this limited edition star wars set. >> this sold for $9.97. right now i can get upwards of $400 for the piece. >> star wars, return of the jedi collection. >> it's not just star wars. >> transfoerrmers more than mee the eye. >> reporter: transformers really are more than meets the eye. he-man is still master of the universe. and thunder caps have roared back to the top of the heap. what is it that makes the resale value so high when it comes to the '80s toys. >> the reason why the toys are so popular and so valuable. no one thought to collect them. >> something is missing from the picture. i have strawberry shortcake room, bedspread, dolls, cabbage
2:51 am
patch kids, the my little ponies. i see none of them here. >> just less women collecting right now. >> women mature probably more and don't long for their childhood as much as boys. >> if you feel comfortable putting it that way, that's fine. >> comb and brush her hair. >> reporter: all is not lost if you remember, brushing the hair of your my little pony. ♪ my little pony i take her wherever i go ♪ >> ponies are huge '80s toys. >> reporter: a buyer, in new hope, pennsylvania. she says girls' toys may not sell for a lot but sells a lot of them. best selling girls lines at her store, my little pony, care bears and strawberry shortcake. which toy will she always turn away? >> that will be cabbage patch kids. ♪ they're cabbage patch kids >> there were so many in production they are easy to find. >> reporter: the best tips for finding toy gold. keep it in the package. keep the condition pristine.
2:52 am
and make sure the toy is from a major brand. >> you are having a my little pony flashback. >> seeing them brush the hair. there we are back in the '80s. >> how did they find our high school pictures, yunji? hello
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"world news now" delivers your morning papers. >> time now for your morning papers. we are letting rob kick it off. wearing my shoes. >> that's right. there was a fascinating story in "the new york times" recently apparently, the 70s, platform shoes were the hot thing back in the day. apparently high heels for men are kind of like making a resurgence here. what is this, iconic symbol of women and femininity is making its way to my side of the aisle the men are wearing the pumps. >> not talking just wide platforms, literally talking heels. >> these pumps.
2:56 am
you, you wear a size what? >> 7 1/2. >> i wear what, 10, 10 1/2 depending on the nature of the shoe. i barely getting into these things. i have knew respect for women wearing these things. i don't understand why this would become the look for men? wearing these things they're uncomfortable, squish your toes >> they make your legs look so good. >> that is true. i will get some lyesol for you. >> out of "the arizona daily star." an arizona man facing assault charges. apparently a woman fell down. he came to her aid. skinned her knee. he licked her knee. very bizarre. she filed charges. there he is. i don't know if that is first aid. >> that was just a random woman? >> just a random lady. good samaritan. ended up licking her knee. >> everybody has i guess a little something they like. who knows. this, one of my favorite things of the day. besides wearing your shoes here.
2:57 am
harry belafonte, 83, activist, singer. apparently doing a press junket tours for his book, memoir "my song" doing interviews with the local station in bakersfield, california, but really wasn't quite up to snuff. kind of dozed off. take a listen. >> harry belafon techlt joibela live from new york. harry, wake up. harry, wake up. >> tell me that is not hilarious. doing press can be difficult. harry was totally asleep. i can relate to how that would be, have somebody doze off on the air. just a rude, very strange, strange. >> ha-ha! >> i can't help it. i was taking a little nap. because i was listening to the song of our next story. got to hear this. don't play this while you are driving. researchers have found, listen up to the music, the officially
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this morning on "world news now" -- fighting words. last night's republican debate was the most explosive showdown yet. >> all the candidates tried to raise their voices above the fray in what was one of the noisiest and most hostile debates in the political season so far. it is wednesday, october 19th. good morning, i'm yunji de nies. >> i'm rob nelson. with the political polls fluctuating and herman cain's tax plan getting all the buzz she these days, his opponents were quick to criticize.
3:01 am
rick perry and mitt romney did what they could to add to the political fireworks. a full wrap-up of the latest gop debate. feisty rick perry last night. a very heated moment. >> saw the true texan coming out. >> don't mess with texas. >> the widening investigation into the suspects who kept four mentally challenged adults as prisoners. the victims are now speaking out as investigators uncover even more cruel details. >> heartbreaking story in so many ways. also later this half-hour, a true humanitarian, meet the mechanic who went way beyond the call of duty to save an injured hawk's life. the bird was wedged into the front end of a car literally clinging to life. >> one you have got to see. first to the wild las vegas shetdown she showdown as candidates got into each other's face. >> literally. the most die nappic performance for rick perry who confronted mitt romney and herman cain the with some of the contentious back and forth we are joined by karen travers in washington.
3:02 am
hi, karen. >> good morning, rob and yunji. the sparks were flying in las vegas last night, as the republican candidates got down and dirty. this is by far the most lively debate of the season. it's clear we have turned a corner and the campaign is heating up. cnn republican debate got personal. >> mitt, you lose all of your standing from my perspective because you hired illegals. >> reporter: and even physical. >> i've don't think i have ever hired an illegal in my life. and i am looking forward to finding your facts on that. >> i will tell you what the facts are. >> rick, again, i am speaking. i am speaking. i am speaking. >> reporter: the most feisty, most explosive showdown yet. and it was clear who the field considers the candidates to be. there was mitt romney and rick perry sparring over illegal immigration. >> you stood here in front of the american people and did not tell the truth that you had illegals working on your property. >> you have a problem with allowing someone to finish
3:03 am
speaking. i suggest that if you want to become president of the united states you got to let both people speak. >> reporter: romney and rick santorum squaring off. >> your consultants helped obama craft obama care. >> let me speak. you had your chance, let me speak. rick, you had your chance, let me speak. >> reporter: front-runner herman cain came under attack out of the gate with his signature 9-9-9 economic plan. >> that is a tax plan not a jobs plan. >> i don't think so, herman. it is not going to fly. >> mitt romney took lumps. rick perry showed life. herman cain got battered. as the the rest of the republican field tried to stop the pizza mogul's unexpected rise in the polls. rob and yunji. >> getting interesting. president obama continues his bus tour today looking to drum up support not only for his jobs bill but for himself. after making several stops across virginia yesterday, the president is heading to hampton where he will share the stage with republican governor bob
3:04 am
mcconnell. a frequent critic of the obama administration. in an exclusive abc news interview, the president told jake tapper he understands the country's frustrations over the economy. >> if you hear a sense of urgency in my voice it is because these problems are solvable. but you don't get a sense that we're moving in washington with the sense of urgency that is required. >> the president also empathized with the occupy wall street protestors saying, just like the tea party, those appropriaprotel separated from the government. >> tring the debate. wonder what you think about the body language. when a man puts his hand on another unthat sort of context. seemed risky. >> a little moment. for all the announcements, mitt romney, a great night. the best rick perry has done so far. mccain, not mccain. cain was left on the side lines a little bit last night. an interesting dynamics. maybe the pressure is building after 9-9-9 getting so much
3:05 am
attack, over the last couple debates. taken its toll. >> you see the three rising to the top. the other folks, gingrich, bachmann, santorum trying to get in there. >> a three-star race right now. yeah. >> now on to a bizarre development in a story overnight in ohio where dozens of animals are on the loose after escaping their preserve. police say, a quote, these are wild animals that you would see on tv in africa. they're talking about dozens of committ committee taz, tying terz, lions, bears, wolves. cages were unlocked and fences around the property were wide open. >> one of the deputies told me they felt they had shot approximatably 25 on the way up to the house to check on mr. thompson. so, you know, that, that number could be high or low, depending, you know when they're shooting animals in all directions it is hard to keep track. >> no reports of any injuries among the public. rez dints the area are being told to stay indoors. adding to the mystery.
3:06 am
the exotic animal farm owner was found dead. it is still not known how he died or who let all of those animals loose. >> buy zarz not even the word to describe that story. wow, unbelievable. cheetahs, lions, tigers on the loose. extremely strange story there. also this morning new details in the heartwrenching, captivity case in philadelphia. appears police in two states missed opportunities to help the victims. >> incredibly difficult. one man was reported missing in virginia three years ago. his case was never followed up on. abc's scott goldberg joining us with details this morning. good morning, scott. >> reporter: good morning, rob and yunji. police in philadelphia have formed a special task force to look into this. after they found dozens of i.d. cards, power of attorney forms and other documents suggests suspects in the case may be linked to man more vick tips than the four who were found in a basement. philadelphia police and the fbi are trying to wrap their minds
3:07 am
around a stunningly cruel case. one that starts with four mentally challenged adults held as prisoners in a basement. but could stretch across state lines, perhaps leading to dozens of victims. >> this is a terrible case. but, it's one that might get even worse quite frankly. >> reporter: over the weekend police found the four adults beaten up and starving in this crawlspace. said they could have been held for years at numerous locations. one man was chained to a boiler. he told tv station, kyw he didn't know what day it was. >> i have a birthday coming up friday. i didn't even know it was coming up. i will be 42 years old. >> reporter: police arrested linda ann weston convicted murderer who starved a man to death after locking him in a closet in the 1980s and arrested her boyfriend gregory thomas and third suspect eddie write who police say is homeless. they have been charged with aggravated assault, kidnapping
3:08 am
and conspiracy. police said they were stealing their victims' social security money. >> to know you would take advantage of a fellow human being like this makes you sick. >> reporter: philadelphia police found a 15-year-old girl from florida missing since july 4. her boyfriend apparently the son of one of the suspects. rob and yunji? >> police have now obtained a warrant to search the home of deborah bradley and jeremy irwin of course whose baby daughter lisa was last seen more than two weeks ago now. police say it has been 11 days since the parents last sat down with investigators. they say the parents' cooperation is critical to the efforts to locate lisa. she was 10 months old when reported missing from her crib. now to a story about nasty neighbors. some people in the city near tampa say they were terrorized by a neighbor and even feared for their lives. >> reporter: the couple that lives in this duchlt nn eden home say their lives became a
3:09 am
horror story because of a woman that lived over the fence behind them. >> it just escalated to the point that one morning i was in the backyard she told me, i'm going to kill your grandchildren. >> reporter: he says things started out nice enough with his neighbor but over the last six years she harassed he and his wife and several neighbors. the honeycut's filed complaints and filed an order of protection against the woman but said the terror never ended and she spray painted their name on her own garage door. >> sever times the sheriff department said to me why don't you move? well, why should i move? why shouldn't she move? >> reporter: they say that the woman would terrorize them, blasting loud music, shooting guns. after they posted this no trespassing sign she would stand just off the property line and shine a light right into their bedroom window. things have been quiet lately because immendorf was arrested on stalking charges involving two local djs.
3:10 am
she is still in jail. the woman lives next door, other than trouble with loud music her neighbor hasn't caused any trouble. >> these people around here are harassing her so bad that she just wants to be left alone. >> reporter: more than one neighbor told us the woman has made death threats against them or family members. >> she would never hurt anyone. i mean, the lady is the sweetest thing. comes over, bringing my kids teddy bears. >> reporter: residents call her the neighbor from hell. the city says she is a hazard. those who live around here might worry what happens when she comes home. >> i will never complain about loud music or footsteps. >> wow. from down there in florida. i wonder shining a light into your neighbor's house. what motivates you to do something luke that? >> it is bizarre. you heard in the piece. tlenti i threatening radio personalities. scared for their lives. >> maybe too much time on her hands. >> just a touch.
3:11 am
here is a look at your wednesday weather. drenching rain from d.c., philadelphia, new york, boston. thunderstorms, carolinas, mid-atlantic. chilly, showers, nashville, louisville, chicago, detroit. lake effect snow showers in northern michigan and minnesota. >> 47 in the twin cities. 51, kansas city. 68 in dallas. 66 in new york city. just 57 in atlanta. phoenix, 93. sacramento, 78. seattle in at 62. abc's "dancing with the stars" down to the final seven contestants. >> in last night's elimination came done to hope solo and style guru carson kressly, carson got the boot. >> they said it was for his dancing. very well could have been the horrific cheerleader outfit he was wearing. my lord. carson was gracious in defeat calling his experience pure joy. and said he will be there every week now to cheer on the others who remain in the conscious.
3:12 am
>> i like hope solo a lot. wonderful to see her out there. >> after her run. would be great to see her take home the mirror ball trophy. we'll see how it plays out. we'll be back with more "world news now" coming up after this.
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is to dig right in. but his dentist knows that to do that he needs to use the brush more dentists use. oral-b. trust the brush more dentists and hygienists use. oral-b. life opens up when you do.
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ooh. >> oh, man. wow. either it is getting near halloween or abc hasn't paid the light bill. one of the two. >> something scary going on. halloween is just a few weeks away. people across the country are getting ready to send out their spooky, greeting cards. >> folks in north carolina flocking to the scary town of bat cave to add a bit of halloween flare to their cards. john lee of asheville, wlos has more. >> of course you are responsible for everything. >> reporter: in a town of 500 people, there is only one guy behind the counter.
3:17 am
>> october is national stamp collecting month. >> reporter: john carroll, proud postmaster of a stand out place. >> people think bat cave. unusual name. >> reporter: john is no super hero. every fall he single-handedly puts bat cave on the map by just mailing it in. a special cancellation for halloween. >> a well done piece of work. consider it is a rubberstamp. bats coming out of the cave. some people request a regular postmark. we do a special one in october. you like that one? >> yes. >> reporter: the tradition began in the mid 90s. john gets requests from california. >> he is requesting the halloween cancellation, october 31st. >> to indiana. >> dear postmaster, please apply your pictorial cancel to the envelope and return it to me. >> reporter: with the 31st approaching, a new york school girl finds bat cave fascinating too. >> my assign't is to research the history of your town's name.
3:18 am
there is a natural cave, the largest fissure cave in america. >> reporter: a little ink goes a long way. >> people come in may bring, 15, 20, 30 cards. last week i had a lady that drove. >> reporter: at a time when many dwell on the demise of the postal service, john says the personal touch makes his tiny post office relevant. >> should get that in two, three days in indiana. bring maybe some pleasure, delight. may not be something that exuberant. >> reporter: just enough to make it a special delivery. >> i really like that. talk about taking pride in your work. >> like that. get in the halloween spirit. that'sle coo. very, very nice down there in bat cave, north carolina. i like that. >> coming up, old communication relics. there you go, postmaster, yunji de nies. the old communication relics i was saying, are finding high
3:19 am
profile use. >> see who is putting historic telephones and teletypes back to work. you are watching "world news now."
3:20 am
welcome back. movie props may seem like part of the set. they do go a long way in making a movie pretty believable. >> that's right, telephones, teletypes in demand for hollywood movie makers. >> reporter: steven jones' business is old news. he is an expert in teletype machines. >> my great grandfather was a telegrapher. my grand father was with western electric. >> reporter: he started vol unitearing in georgetown after getting laid off from the wireless business. soon, hollywood called. >> puerto rico. came down here looking for a story. >> reporter: the producer of a
3:21 am
johnny depp movie. >> in the case of "run diary" they wanted a model 15, receive only teletype. >> reporter: jones shipped the machine to puerto rico. the film crew couldn't get it going. the prop master said can you fly down here the i said sure. >> reporter: on the set his machine even impressed johnny depp. >> he commented how he liked the aesthetic of the teletype running and the sound. >> reporter: he worked on four movies including x-men fill temperature. >> in x-men they needed about the most fragile teletype that was ever made. >> reporter: actually one of the museum's more modern models. >> that section right there is pretty much what was shown on the film. >> reporter: jones hopes he can make the devices from the past into a bright future. but his first love will always be his work at the telephone museum. >> it is very interesting. and yet --
3:22 am
>> reporter: can you get that? >> wait a second. please hold your call is important to us. >> a phrase we all love. please hold. >> i really love the old typewriters. somethingnostalgic as a journalist. >> piece of history. more after this. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, not paid by medicare part b. that can save you from paying .up to thousands of dollars... out of your own pocket. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans... exclusively endorsed by aarp. when you call now, you'll get this free information kit... with all you need to enroll.
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as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts # medicare, call this toll-free number now. sheet or bar? how do you get your bounce?
3:25 am
oh, i'm a forgetter. i tend to forget things all the time. so, i'm a bar person. i don't need to remember the dryer sheet, so if i forget, i'm still good. woman: (shouting) remember the bar! . >> i love that "modern family". >> funniest show on tv. >> great writing. >> sophia, what is not to like? >> tonight or this morning, ask a mechanic about the oddest thing they have seen happen to a car. they will probably say they have seen it all. one dallas mechanic has. >> he found a live hawk stuck in
3:26 am
the grille of a car and grabbed his tools and went to work. >> reporter: almost any critter stuck by a car. matt white head has seen it. >> small bird, rodents, squirrels, reptiles, anything but fish. >> reporter: there was one thing that matt whitehead hadn't seen until saturday. when a car came into the service bay, traveling over 60 miles an hour with a red tail hawk jammed into its front grille. >> every bird we have ever seen hit a card always dies. he was not moving. >> reporter: just like any other, a crowd gathered. whitehead began breaking apart the grille. and then. >> i looked in there.
3:27 am
he had his head turned sideways. i could see his eye. >> reporter: he blinked. the hawk was alive. soon thanks to whitehead he was also free. >> nothing was broke. he wasn't missing a feather that i am aware the i never saw feathers. >> reporter: matt loaded him up, drove him to veterinarian greg moore. >> coming back there a mun to t the -- minute to look at the red tail. the bird will recover from a concussion and internal injuries and soon fly again. >> did a good job. handled the bird well. >> that was extraordinary. i wish every day would end that happy. >> reporter: and now when you grill matt whitehead, cars, versus critters. >> wonderful that worked out so well. you know what is interesting, they said the bird tried to fly away.
3:28 am
he could only make it 20 feet at a type. now obviously in care. >> nurse that little guy back to health. >> he looked great the so happy that worked out. >> lucky guy. lucky birdband. in 1999, i was diagnososed wih chronic hepatitis c. ultimately, i decided to take the next step and talk to my doctor abouout my options. that step was a big one. but i'm glad i made it. instead of looking back on memories. i was determined to keep on making 'em. don't wait to tune in to your hep c c. talk to your doctor now about your options. and find out more at tune in to hep c dot com.
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- danger zone. an entire community in ohio is on edge this morning after a wild set of circumstances involving an exotic animal refuge. >> the owner is dead and dozens of wild animals including lions, tigers and bears are on the loose. it is wednesday, october 19th. good morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm yunji de nies. this wildlife refuge is in zanesville, ohio. it is well known in the area. deputies said they had to shoot some exotic animals to get on the farm in what must have been
3:31 am
a very disturbing scene. the search for more lions and tigers continues. at this hour. our other big headline is last night's gop debate in las vegas. it was the feistiest and noisiest yet. herman cain's tax plan was in the spotlight. a plan that cain's republican opponents are dismission. essentially calling the plan, a tax raise for more than 80% of americans, 84%. still feeling the heat with that target on his back. >> later this half-hour, how close is too close? critics say, this video of kayakers getting up close and personal with blue whales could be sending the wrong message. >> those guys are braver than i would be. that's for sure. we do begin though with the animal s on the loose in ohio. one sheriff describes them as mature, very big and also pretty aggressive. >> a wild scene. more than half of the animals that escaped have been killed.
3:32 am
as dave detling of wsyx reports it is still a dangerous situation. >> reporter: investigators telling us 48 animals on the loose that in clues large bears, brown bears, cheetahs, wildcats, wolves, at last check. investigators telling us they did shoot and kill 25 animals. still this is a very dangerous situation as investigators hunt down these animals. >> scary. you don't know where they're at. and if the cops can't catch them they're going to be running wild, crazy. >> reporter: zanesville residents on high alert after wild animals were let loose. >> we hear weird noises every once in a while. we just try to figure out what it was. it is not a domestic animal or anything like that. >> reporter: the noises he heard, according to the local sheriff, are lions, wolves, bears on the loose. >> we recommend staying indoors. we're going to recommend to a couple school districts to close. >> reporter: the animal's owner, terry thompson was found dead. his animal cages left open. we are learning he had just been
3:33 am
released from prison on federal weapons charges. thompson no stranger to the law. according to investigators he's been cited in the past for animal abuse and neglect. police and trappers tried to track down these wild and dangerous animals as residents take precaution. >> i'm going home. i am staying home. >> reporter: investigators asking anyone in the area if they see anything to call local police. if you don't have to be outside, do not venture outside. we are in zanesville, dave detling, abc news. >> people are going to have strong feelings. police officers have killed a large number of these animals. now we are told they are working with local zoologists trying to tranquilize them first. hopefully they can keep more alive as they capture them. again, look at the photos from twitter. you can see that is a black bear there. and, literally talking lions, tigers, bears, wolves. >> oh, my. scary scene out there as well. later on "good morning america," jack hannah from the columbus zoo will be on to give us
3:34 am
insight into this and how they can deal with the animals. and catch them. >> if anyone knows it is jack. >> it is jack. >> yeah, you went on the website for the refuge. >> he is on there. affiliated with the zoo. yeah. so. >> wow, we will see. >> pressure is mounting on the parents of the missing baby from kansas city. police say it has been nearly two weeks since deborah bradley and jeremy irwin have had a face to face meeting with investigators. they say the parents' cooperation is critical to finding little lisa irwin. the parents have hired a well-known criminal defense attorney to represent them. more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners are back home this morning after the swap between israel and palestinians. the prisoners were released and returned for gillad shalit. the israeli soldier captured by hamas in 2006. shalit's father says the 25-year-old is healthy but will need time to recover. from some physical as well as psychological wounds. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the persian gulf
3:35 am
nation of oman this morning, after personally expressing support for libya's new leaders. in an unannounced visit, clinton urged the libyans to continue moving towards democracy. she also announced $11 million in u.s. aid for libya including medical help for wounded fighters. clinton says she hopes former dictator moammar gadhafi would be killed or captured soon. it was by far the liveliest debate of the most republican presidential candidates took the stage again last night out in las vegas. rick perry who has been pretty lackluster in the past, suddenly came alive and aggressively challenged mitt romney as well as herman cain. he and romney got into a pretty feisty exchange over the issue of immigration. >> you stood here in front of the american people and did not tell the truth that you had illegals working on your property. >> you have a problem with allowing someone to finish speaking. and i would suggest that if you want to become president of the united states you have got to let both people speak. >> engage in this knee jerk
3:36 am
reaction. >> herman cain's 9-9-9 tax proposal came under attack from rivals that claim the plan was simply a tax increase for most americans in disguise. staying on politics now. president obama's bus pulls into hampton, virginia today where he will keep the focus on his jobs package. he will be joined by the governor bob mcconnell, an obama critic and possible gop vice presidential candidate. the president sat down exclusively with abc's jake tapper in emporia, virginia. >> what i feel is what the american people feel, which is that we have now gone through not only, 2 1/2, 3 years post recession blues. if you hear a sense of urgency in my voice it's because these problems are solvable. but you don't get a sense that we are moving in washington with the sense of urgency required. >> some of the frustration has come out in the occupy wall street protest. you have expressed sympathy with
3:37 am
their position, their feeling of powerlessness. >> i understand the frustrations that are being expressed in the protests. in some ways, they're not that different from some of the protests that we saw coming from the tea party. you know, both on the left and the right. people feel separated from their government. >> we are sitting in a school, what grade would you give yourself? >> well, you know, i am not going to give myself a grade. >> not even a midterm? >> other than incomplete. because the work that we started is not yet done. even -- even though i believe that all of the choices we have made have been the right ones, we're still going through difficult circumstances. and that means people who may be sympathetic to my point of view still kind of feel like, yeah, it hasn't gotten done yet. >> just over two months until the republican iowa caucus,
3:38 am
herman cain has his 9-9-9 plan. what are you hearing from the republicans when it comes to the economy? >> what i haven't heard is anything new, across the board whether it is coming out of the congress or from the republican candidates so far. >> 9-9-9 is? new? >> essentially what it says is that we are going to make sure that the wealthiest among us pay less and we replace any revenues with a sales tax that would be a huge burden on middle-class families and working families. that's not new. one of the things i am most surprised about. they want to roll back all the wall street reforms we put into place as if they have got amnesia about how we got into this problem in the first place. >> reporter: the president generally begged off talking about any specific republican presidential candidates but said there would be a clear contrast between him and who ever the eventual presidential nominee is. he said, the general election would be about the direction of the country not just for the next four years but the next 20 or 30.
3:39 am
jake tapper, traveling with the president in emporia, virginia. >> unclear who the president will battle in the general election. seem to be gearing up for an obama/romney race. the contrast should be stark enough he is ready to take on who ever emerges from the fray. >> i like the question he asked him, using the school as a context, what grade would he give himself? was a great one. the president dodging that one saying he would give himself an incomplete. i wonder, the american public, clearly his approval ratings are not doing very well. the grade would probably not be very high. >> smart not to answer that question. let's lighten the mood a little bit. a south florida woman could not believe her eyes when she received a cell phone bill, get this, $201,000. selena aarons, shocked to find out it wasn't a mistake. she has her two deaf brothers on her t-mobile plan. when they want to canada they downloaded videos and sent 2,000 texts. but the plan did not include international use. ouch. t-mobile, cut the bill to $2,500 and gave her six months to pay.
3:40 am
folks they tell you to read the fine print. that is exactly what they mean. >> i think they should have given her a free pass on that. obviously a special circumstance. doesn't seem very fair to do that. i know they did knock it down quite a bit. still, that e a lot of money. >> corporations not being lenient on their money. i am stunned. >> moving on now, here is your wednesday weather. heavy downpours much of the day from washington new england. thunderstorms in the carolinas and lingering showers in florida. chilly, rain from nashville to cincinnati. and detroit. a frosty morning in oklahoma city. kansas city, and des moines. >> highs in the 40s from fargo to omaha. wet 63 in boston. 71 in baltimore. 68 in new orleans. mostly 60s across the pacific northwest and rocky mountains. >> okay. take a look at this. this is not something you usually see on your typical trip to the grocery store. >> look there in the second row of the produce case. that is a little brown bear cub having a stroll amongst the lettuce and other veggies.
3:41 am
>> he wandered in from outside. eventually someone grabbed him and put him back. it was a costly little adventure. all that produce had to be thrown out. >> that is a brave dude. went in and grabbed that thing. wow. >> he is little. he looks snuggly. >> you think so? okay. >> this all happened in alaska where i guess people are used to seeing wildlife. >> that explains. a little more familiar than we would be in manhattan had that happened. a little more "world news now" coming up after the break. ♪ forget about your worries and your strife ♪ ♪ i mean the bear necessities let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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welcome back. all mothers to be have to decide whether to get welcome back. all mothers-to-be have to decide whether to get an amniocentesis. to test for genetic disorders. nearly 400,000 pregnant women get that test every year. >> parents know that an amnio is not without risk. a new option may be on the way. with more on that here is abc's dr. richard besser. >> reporter: when she was expecting a child, she faced the stress so many parents faced. to see if her child had down syndrome she dreaded the amnio. >> i am a little anxious about the procedure. >> anxious, amnios are invasive. a needle is used to remove fluid from the mother's uterus. there is up to a 1% chance of miscarriage. the new blood test looks at the fetus's dna in the mother's blood. there is no risk of miscarriage. and the test can be done just ten weeks into the pregnancy. women over 35 have a one in 350 chance of having a baby with downs syndrome, 1 in 30 chance if they're 45. pregnant women could get the
3:46 am
blood test first. only if the results are positive would they need an amnio to confirm. but if results are negative, no need. the company producing the test says it is 98% accurate in predicting down syndrome and costs about the same as amnio. >> the only thing i worry about with the test is it is really only a test for down syndrome. and there are many, many other chromosomal abnormalities that women are screened for with sampling and amnio. >> reporter: some worry an easier test for down syndrome could lead to more couples pressured to have an abortion. dr. richard besser, abc news. fascinating. >> really is. yeah. coming up next after the break, why we are seeing less and less of demi moore. it's not what you think? >> who fell out of step on "dancing with the stars" "the skinny" coming up next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny >> welcome back, everybody. straight to "the skinny" today. let's get this in really quickly.
3:49 am
>> best part of the night. and "dancing with the stars" who got the boot, last night, two couples, hope solo, thesock -- soccer star, and carson kressley from "queer eye for the straight guy." and he is gone the he enjoyed it all. will be there week after week rooting on contestants. carson is out of there. see you later, dude. >> he did look like he was having a great time. >> mick jagger impression. not bad. he is out of there now. >> moving on to a story a little disturbing. a lot of people are noticing that demi moore is getting very skinny. they're estimating now that she is just 98 pounds. take a look at a premier in a red dress. she looks stunning in both. you have got to wonder. she looks awfully small there. joan rivers sold her out in a way. she was on a plane, and she was
3:50 am
sort of spying on demi and said on a six-hour flight all she ate was an apple and water. now they're wondering if she is stressed about these marriage troubles reportedly having with husband ashton kucher. still i don't know if rivers is right to bust her for that. >> what was joan eating botox, why is joan going after demi. a flight. can't whip out the rotisserie chicken. an apple and water. >> looking quite slender. >> yeah, hope she is all right. hopefully not related to the stress of the marriage. we shall see. rough video, shia labeouf. of "wall street 2" and "indiana jones" and "transformers." tmz, a video, of shia getting a whooping in the street. a shirtless, hairy-bellied dude that kind of beat shia down in the street. he left a bar called cinema public house. they said after the fight, shia tried to chase him down the streets. his friends held him back. they started getting into it, in the bar. spilled out into the scene outside.
3:51 am
shia really kind of took a beat down. he has had a string of arrests for things including dwi and drunken confrontations in the past. the latest incident. kind of rough. looks like he took it hard. >> absolutely. hollywood bff alert. you always thought jennifer aniston was good friends with courtney cox, it looks like she is actually very close with reese witherspoon. the two get manicure sessions together and love to makeout. >> let me take a moment to visualize that. i am good. >> okay. okay. obviously she was joking. it is sweet the two are such good friends. she says she likes to make the jokes, witherspoon did. she is my friend not yours. >> i think reese played her sister on "friends" a cup years ago too. speak of looking great. they both look great. thank you for teasing us reese. appreciate that. talked about taylor armstrong, for several weeks now, because of the suicide of her husband on "housewives of
3:52 am
beverly hills" she is dating matt norgren, may recognize him from the new reality series, bravo's "most eligible dallas" moving on with him. the two are happy. and found a southern gentleman. there we go. good, taylor. there we go. good, taylor.
3:53 am
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♪ we're going to have a party ♪ all night long ♪ all night ♪ all night ♪ all night long >> lionel ritchie, man. >> saw him at a jazzfest, that was a party. >> he can go, man. hello. finally this half-hour. an amazing whale tail for a few california kayakers, lucky enough to get within arm's length of a pod of blue whales. >> their adventure was all caught on tape. it is something you really should not try at home. abc's diana alvear has more. from los angeles. good morning, diana. >> reporter: rob and yunji, good morning.
3:56 am
when i saw this video, i wanted to jump in my car, drive to the beach rent a kayak and do the exact same thing. unfortunately that's what has whale experts so worried. >> holy cow. >> reporter: that is an understatement. these kayakers were close enough to touch these blue whales. >> oh they're just a beautiful magnificent creatures. really excited because when they pop up that close you just sense their size it is really exciting gets your heart pounding it's quite amazing. >> reporter: rick coleman said this particular pod showed up a few weeks ago to feast on their favorite food, tiny shrimp like creatures called krill. that allowed him to feast on the amazing sight of the world's biggest mammal. >> if you look at the video, his back side is facing me his mouth is open after he goes back in the water a big wave washes over the front of my kayak he came so close to me. >> reporter: as thrilling as the close encounters may have been, marine experts say they find them troubling. they say these gentle giants should be left alone while feeding. >> it can interrupt their
3:57 am
ability to feed and puts the kayaker at risk. these whales are focused on trying to engulf a large amount of krill so it would be very easy for them to accidentally run into a boat. also, i think, a video like this might encourage other people to try to go out and do the same thing in larger boats. >> reporter: apparently this pod of whales has been visiting that particular area for a couple of years now and researchers are a little worried because their population has remained stable if not increasing despite federal protections. either way, it is a whale of a tale. rob and yunji. >> i am shocked by this -- >> blue whales, the largest creature, bigger than any dine sauce, the heart is the size of a compact car. think about that. that is insane. >> that is insane. i grew up in hawaii. mating season obviously happens there with all the whales coming down. those things can jump pretty high. i would not get in their way. >> braver than i am. >> swim the other way. kayak the other direction. >> later.
3:58 am
more from abc coming up next.
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